Mark McKowen - drums, orchestration

Mark McKowen - drums, orchestration


Saluda Cymbals

With 25 years experience on drums/ percussion and 15 years experience on piano, Mark has run the gamut, touring with college rock, jam, fusion, and contemporary rock groups such as Ladymoon, Austin Bridges, Owl Theory, and Divine Martyr. He has also been a studio/session drummer and on call drummer for multiple churches. Also an advocate for keeping music in the schools, Mark has 15 years combined experience teaching percussion, piano, and music theory as a part-time music instructor.

Mark studied music engineering and electrical physics at Ball State University. Having a passion also for electronics, Mark continued his studies in embedded systems and IoT, and is currently studying computer networking and security. With an interest in orchestration, Mark often finds ways to mix symphonic and electro-music together in composition.

Having an ear for unique timbre in music, Mark is a proud endorsing artist of Saluda cymbals. Mark would also like to thank the following companies for their fine products: Mapex, Pork Pie, Gibraltar, Vater, Remo, Yamaha Keyboards, and DW Pedals.

Mark is influenced by several bands suck as Kamelot, Nightwish, Xandria, Dream Theater, Amaranthe, Symphony X, TSO, Rush, Devon Townsend, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Richard Wagner, Edvard Grieg, Bela Bartok, Howard Shore, Dvorak, and Hans Zimmer.

Special Thanks:

Dr. Erwin Mueller, Jeff Nearpass, Lorin Lemme, Larry Guentert, Jamie Lambert (Saluda Cymbals), Our Families, My wife Lesley, and most importantly:

The Almighty God (through Jesus)...without Him, we are dust