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Shatter The Doubt (single)

Review on The Metal Onslaught

More Than What You Are (single)

Review on Nora’s Playlist

Review on ITNS Radio

Beyond (single)

Release date: 12.21.2018

-"I was fortunate enough to be one of the first to listen to the amazing new tune from Divine Martyr called ‘Beyond’. This song is very epic, both musically and vocally. The band has really upped the ante with ‘Beyond’, creating what I consider to be a symphonic metal masterpiece!” - Dave Kruse, host of The Covenant Metal Show

-“’Beyond’ is a wonderful and magic song with a touch of emotive passages of melodic sounds, definitely we face the birth of a very awesome band.” – Abel Gomez, Lament/Lament Records

Trials (EP)

Release date: 12.1.2017

-“’Lament’, from Divine Martyr's EP ‘Trials’, is a pretty epic tune of symphonic metal! The song starts out with mesmerizing keys, breaking into heavy guitar riffs. The music really pulls you in!” - Dave Kruse, host of The Covenant Metal Show


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More Than What You Are (single)

by Divine Martyr
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Beyond (single)

by Divine Martyr