Natalie Lafevra - vocals

Natalie Lafevra - vocals


It is an honor and humbling to be a part of such a talented group! Thank you Divine Martyr for your faith in me to stand up and sing and represent God with you in this amazing endeavor. The future looks bright with you guys!

I faced a lot of hardships throughout childhood, youth and adulthood. Life has not been easy. That being said..

Thank you Debbie Carpenter/Lefevra, an incredible and mighty woman of God who was way ahead of her time! You showed me God CAN and DOES call women to stand up and preach. Thank you for marrying my dad when i was 2, and for bringing God into all our lives. Because of you, I learned Jesus loved me and at the tender age of 5 and asked Him into my heart. That one distinct moment started me down the right road. Thank you for the grace, love, support and wisdom you continually impart to me to this day- you’re always there when I need you. I love you mom. 

Thank you dad (Don Lefevra) for showing me that whatever talent any of us have, we can use it to glorify God. You went from playing in a rock band in the late 60's to "message music" for/about God when i was 8. With an Evangelists’ anointing, a generation later your legacy of music and ministry is still going strong. I love you dad. 

It wasn't until I was 19 that I made Jesus my Lord and totally sold out. He has, and still is, taking my life through and to places I could never have dreamed for myself. Everything for me has been progressive and a continual deepening of His Redemptive work. He IS Faithful. He took a broken, introverted, backward, unwanted little girl and has prepared, restored and raised her up. Against all odds, has sent me to sing and tell about Him virtually everywhere. I have sang in a 3rd world country (Dominican Republic), jails, juvenile facilities and children’s homes (Anderson), radio, T.V. (Channel 40 Lester Sumrall) , a palladium in Southern Indiana, churches throughout the midwest, a parking lot, baseball field for a Cancer Walk fund raiser (Mississippi) and an Indianapolis inner city public school among other places.

I look forward to doing more and spreading the Gospel world-wide. To give hope to the helpless, to take back anything and everything the enemy of our souls has stolen from peoples’ lives, and to bring God the greatest Glory... 

The future.... is yet to be written.